Ubud Holidays

A place of mindfulness and holistic serenity Ubud reveals a seductive nature and imbues traditional Balinese culture in every way. Picture colourful offerings adorning the streets, an ever-present Gamelan soundtrack hypnotising the ears of pedestrians and on-trend culinary experiences abounding. There’s no wonder why many novels and films have been set here. Uncover verdant rice fields, traditional Balinese dance performances, inspiring art museums, chic cafes, boutique shopping and much more on your unforgettable Ubud holiday.

With a long list of unique experiences on the menu an Ubud holiday impresses even the most seasoned traveller. Art junkies must visit Agung Rai Museum for masterpieces dating back to the 19th-century alongside more recent Kamasan and Batuan-style work. Head to Ubud’s Monkey Forest for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. This thick strip of jungle houses 3 holy temples which are inhabited by more than 600 grey-haired Balinese macaques…known to be greedy, playful and unapologetically endearing! The wildlife affairs continue in Petulu, a lush village just north of Ubud and where up to 20,000 majestic herons fly into each evening.

Admire stunning lotus blossoms and intricate designs at Pura Taman Saraswati, a Hindu temple offering rare carvings and regular dance performances. Dive into history at Museum Gedung Arca where Balinese artefacts dating back as early as 300BC are on display or indulge in traditional Indonesian culinary delights with a modern twist at one of the many delectable restaurants in Ubud—Hujon Locale being a leading establishment. This popular Bali hotspot set in green terraced hills offers visitors a true escape from reality.

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