Bali FAQ

Why choose Bali for your next holiday?

Bali is a favourite destination for Australian travellers, with an estimated 700,000 flocking to the Indonesian island each year. Only a short flight and you’ll be immersed in beachside bliss, exotic temples and picture-perfect terraced rice fields. Whether you are seeking relaxation or adventure, Bali has something to offer all holiday seekers and sun lovers.  Learn more about a holiday in Bali below!

What are some Bali etiquette tips?

Bali culture is heavily influenced by Hinduism and a respect for the island’s customs is a must! Don’t be surprised if a street is blocked off for a ceremony or you are asked to wear a temple scarf or sarong when visiting a temple. Make sure to cover your shoulders and knees and be mindful of cultural tenets when visiting temples and holy sites. Simply put, save your beachwear for the beach!  Make sure to check the dress code if planning a trip to a high-end bar or restaurant because beachwear won’t always cut it.

Did you know that pointing at someone to get their attention is considered rude in Bali? If you need to get the attention of someone, try waving with your palm facing down.

You’ll find many offerings (known as “Canang Sari”) in the streets of Bali. They are little packages of carefully woven palm leaves, flowers and herbs. Be careful not to step on the offerings as they are a sacred practice in Balinese culture.

What is the weather like?

Bali is a tropical island so you’d expect nothing less than warm, sunny and sometimes humid weather. Despite having 2 very distinct seasons (dry and wet), the average temperate is consistent at a top of 29-32°C year-round.  You will find the mountains to be a little cooler at an average 27°C during the day. Click here to learn more about weather in Bali.

Bali’s climate starts to enter the dry season from May and lasts through to September. Temperatures are perfect for days by the beach at a balmy average of 31-33°C and humidity sits at an average of 60-65%. The wet season spans from October through to April with heavy yet very short rain showers (usually at night). While you might see sporadic tropical rainfalls (sometimes a welcomed change on a hot day!), these months can be great to snatch a bargain holiday or for travellers seeking some excellent surf off the peninsula!

What languages are spoken?

Bahasa Indonesia is the most common language spoken in Bali although you’ll probably find that most Balinese people are bilingual, if not trilingual.  Bahasa Indonesia and English are in the top 3 languages spoken on the island. Due to the booming tourism industry, most Balinese will be able to communicate with you using a basic level of English.  Although, it is always a great idea to learn some local lingo! “Good morning” in Bahasa Indonesia is “Selamat Pagi” and you can say “Termima Kasih” for “thank you”.

Is it safe to drink the water?

When in Bali, make sure to observe all the normal precautions that you would whenever travelling overseas. While many areas of Bali are modernising, some parts of the island are still catching up. It is advised to only drink from bottled water or canned drinks. The sunny Bali weather could leave you thirsty so make sure to carry a water bottle wherever you go! Also be cautious of freezing tab water as ice as this will not protect you from bacteria, viruses or chemicals. Most restaurants and cafes will have their ice quality controlled by the local government.

Do I need a power adapter?

Yes, Bali’s standard wall socket is different to Australia so make sure to purchase an adaptor before you go. The good news is that Bali’s electricity power supply operates at 220-volts which is the same as Australia, so there is no need to worry about damaging your devices!

Can I smoke in Bali?

Smoking in public areas has been illegal since 2011 (including temples and tourist attractions) however you will often find designated smoking areas near restaurants and hotels.