Honeymoon Deals

Romance comes to life in Bali!

There’s something utterly magical about Bali that keep tourists from around the world flocking back to what is known as the “Island of the Gods”.

Perhaps it’s the sensory overdrive that transports you to another world, the moment you step off the plane. The soft sounds of gamelan and flutes eco through the air, the sweet lingering smells of incense and the balmy breeze immediately inspire you to leave your cares behind and delight in your own slice of paradise.

An island that is blessed with such wonder and beauty is the perfect setting for a honeymoon abroad. A fusion of local charm, luxurious abodes, tranquil spas and a never-ending parade of fine dining options make Bali an ideal romantic escape. Whether you are in search of complete tranquillity, adventure or discovery, this island will impress all. Bali’s uniquely diverse destinations will inspire visions of beachside massages, romantic sunset dinners and even couple’s surf lessons for the ocean lovers among us.

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