Uncover the magic of Bali

Bali is known as the Isle of the Gods and true to form is home to a rich and fascinating culture.  While it could be easy to kick back with a cool drink and spend hours looking at the ocean beyond (which we recommend you spend time doing!), it would be a shame to miss out on what else makes this island so special.  You will feel completely drawn to and welcomed by Bali’s warm culture. The beauty of the ceremonial dances, the awe-inspiring temples, the traditional music playing in the shops and the souvenirs offered to visitors all trace back to the welcoming hospitality of the people and their celebration of Balinese culture. So much culture, so little time – but at My Bali we are here to help plan the perfect itinerary so you don’t miss anything!

Dances, festivals and celebrations of culture

All Bali festivals, holidays, dance performances, paintings and visual arts are closely tied to religion and religious beliefs. This is not to say that it’s evangelical, simply that for the Balinese there is typically no separation between religion and way of life.  Dance is a storytelling custom in Bali that you’ll likely happen across while eating dinner at a fine-dining restaurant. Traditional dances can date back centuries and interweave religious mythology with historical events.

When in Bali you might also be lucky enough to spot the beautifully decorated bamboo poles, often located beside homes. This is significant to Galungan Nyepi Day – a celebration of the triumph of evil. Another holiday to be mindful of is Nyepi Day which is an important day of silence, prayer and reflection. On this day most of the island is closed (even the airport!). While in the months of June and August, look up and see the sky awash with brightly coloured, traditional Balinese kites. This picture-perfect event is the annual Kite Festival.

Beautiful Temples

One of the easiest ways (and coolest, during those hot summer months) to experience and understand the Balinese culture is to get out and explore the various temples, shrines and museums across the island. Each major city has their own regional museum and local art gallery, with some places, like Ubud, offering more cultural gems than first meets the eye. Visit the peaceful temples of Tanah Lot or Uluwatu, overlooking the water for personal reflection and time out from the busy streets of the tourist areas. With ornate architecture, sculpture and carving, many of the temples throughout Bali welcome visitors and provide them with a history and understanding of the people and the land.

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