About Bali

Visit Bali and you’ll quickly discover a perfect balance between ancient traditions and modern life. Where bustling inner cities morph into mountain jungles, rambling rice paddies, exotic temples and secluded beaches. Bali is the place where you can lose yourself in meditation, swing over jungles, surf wild oceans or retreat on a holiday dripping in luxury. Whether you’re seeking a peaceful getaway to reconnect with yourself or those that are close to you, or want to celebrate a big occasion, My Bali holidays can be tailored to your every fantasy. Bali experiences comprise of everything from epic bargain shopping and savouring authentic cuisine cooked with ingredients from the local market to a day on the beach and snorkeling along a delicate coral reef. Couples, families and friends all have a place in Bali!

Fast Facts

  • Capital: Denpasar
  • International Airport: Ngurah Rai International Airport
  • Language: Balinese
  • Currency: Indonesian Rupiah
  • Government: Republic of Indonesia
  • Current Monarch: King Maha Vajiralongkorn
  • Religion: Hindu (majority)

Location and Geography

Bali is part of the Indonesian Archipelago and lies in the Java Sea, 3.2-kilometres east of Java. This island is west of Lombok and just south of the equator. For an island where you’ll find a richly celebrated culture, stunning beaches, bustling night life, volcanoes and jungles, it is surprisingly small at an estimated 5,780sq. kilometres in size. Despite its size, Bali is one of Indonesia’s most popular tourist destinations and it isn’t hard to imagine why. The island offers a diverse tropical landscape where flora and fauna flourish.

Bali’s highest point is the volcano Mount Agung scaling an impressive 3,142-metres high. Mountains sprawl from the center of the island with Mount Agung being the easternmost peak while, to the south, you’ll find peaceful plains with winding rivers that change in tune with the seasons.  Bali is surrounded by beautiful beaches that transform into stunning coral reefs as you swim outside the breaking waves. You’ll find the sparkling white sands to the south while the contrasting yet tantalizing west coast offers some of the most exotic black sand beaches.

Ubud is at the heart of Bali and where the effervescent culture is most prominent. The southernmost city, Kuta is a bustling playground for holiday makers, sun-seekers and surf-goers while Sanur, to the south-east, is perfect for a laid-back family holiday. Lose track of time on the Gilli Islands, indulgent spas await in Nusa Dua and breathtaking cliffs make Uluwatu a must see. Bali’s landscape is varied and very much like its culture – warm and larger than life. Click here to find all these destinations on our map!

What to do in Bali

Sand, surf and sun is joined with jungle, rice paddies and temples as must-sees in Bali. There are places to observe traditional activities such as visiting a batik factory and learning how to make authentic fabrics, as well as adventure activities, hot springs, food tours, elephant sighting, rejuvenating meditation and adventure-packed ATV bike tours…the list goes on!

More than just beautiful beaches, Bali is a destination that inspires adventure and discovery! Many day tours will lead you through rice terraces for that picture and magnificent Hindu temples in nature’s highlands. One of our favourite places is the Hidden Waterfall at Tegenungan, 5-kilometres south-east of Ubud. Swap land for water and cruise Nusa Lembogan, discover coral reefs, dine in a beach cave or go all out and join in the many water sport activities.

Couples will feel the romance with award-winning spa facilities and traditional Balinese massages offered in many resorts, luxury villas with private swimming pools and plenty of stunning beaches to meander along. Bali is a holiday destination for couples who want the grandeur and pampering of 5-star resorts without the price tag; and is renowned for inciting proposals, marriage ceremonies and honeymoons. No matter where on the small island you choose to be based, it’s easy be whisked away to an adults-only resort where you can fully unwind and appreciate your surroundings.

Book in with your mates for a few days of unbelievably affordable food and drinks, relaxing massages (there should be no other kind!) and fun shopping for knock-off designer clothes and accessories. If being near the main hub of restaurants and bars isn’t the scene you’re after, try escaping to Nusa Dua for a touch of luxury and family friendly activities or opt for an adventure in Sanur.  Check out our picks of Bali’s best experiences here and, to work out when to visit, click here to read about the weather in Bali.