Diamonds & Spa Treatments are a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds, silk, pearls and champagne is the perfect mix of luxury and not just for the uber wealthy! AYANA Resort and Spa Bali offers unique spa treatments using the world’s most precious elements, for an experience that is the ultimate in indulgence. My time at the 6 star, cliff top AYANA Resort and Spa was filled with oohs and arghs, from the stunning location overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean to the rose petals that filled my private spa villa.

As you walk through the tall wooden doors, each showcasing the perfection of symmetrical Balinese carvings, you are greeted by a friendly AYANA Spa specialist. You are guided past the lush native gardens and gold fish swimming through small lagoons underfoot to the lounges, where the specialist offers a lovely, fresh concoction of ginger and lemon iced tea. At this stage, you can’t be blamed to think the treatment you had so longed for, had already begun. As you sit under a beautiful Balinese hut, listening to the calm sounds of the surrounding environment, the scent of lemongrass in the air and sipping your delightful drink, you browse through a leather bound folder of unique treatments.

Step into the world class Thalasso Spa pool and treat your body to a maze of hydrotherapy jets. The Aquatonic Seawater Therapy Pool is an ancient healing ritual that aims to increase blood circulation and restore vital minerals lost as a result of stress, pollution and poor diet but it’s the comforting warm pool temperature and the magnificent views out to the ocean that are your only thoughts. As you make your way from one therapeutic jet stream to the next, the stress of muscle ache seems to wash away and your body floats into relaxation.

Spend some time at the lavish Spa on the Rocks located over the water, at the base of the cliff from AYANA Resort and Spa. There are two awe-inspiring spa villas that the resort claims to be the pinnacle of spa luxury.  The thrill of the area is apparent before you start treatment. Access to one of the spa villas is by a walk way over the rocks, with a slight staircase to the top of the rock formation. Step inside your private spa villa with floor to ceiling glass and uninterrupted ocean views, traditional Balinese thatched roof and wooden floorboards that enhance the rocks in which it sits. Your menu of facials, massages and spas use the most luscious elements to ensure relaxation and total luxury and range from 2 – 3 hours of absolute bliss. Among my favourites over the few days that I stayed at AYANA was the ‘Amazing Jade’ treatment and the ‘Diamond Miracle’ which included rose petals in the bath from over 500 red roses, a heavenly massage using oils bound with silk and pearl, plus strawberries and chilled champagne to enjoy from the spa.

AYANA Resort and Spa is an ultimate spa experience and I look forward to returning on my honeymoon later in 2013 to share this with my husband.

Where have you experienced a luxurious spa treatment from around the world?