About Bali

Fancy some meditation with jungle behind you and crystal clear water below? Maybe a quick family getaway? What about partying like a rockstar during a river cruise? Bali can accommodate all that and more! Whether you’re seeking a peaceful getaway to reconnect with yourself or someone close to you, or want to celebrate a big occasion, Bali holidays can be tailored to your every fairy-tale fantasy.
Why go to Bali?

Couples can get cozy with each other, with award-winning spa facilities and traditional Balinese massages offered in every resort and on almost every street corner, luxury villas with private swimming pools, and plenty of beaches to walk along whilst holding hands. Bali is a holiday destination for many couples who want the grandeur and pampering of six-star resorts without the price tag, and is renowned for inciting proposals, marriages and honeymoons. No matter where on the small island you choose to be based, it’s easy be whisked away to an adults-only resort where you can fully step back and appreciate your surroundings.

Make a date with your mates to book some Bali holidays for a few days and enjoy cheap food and drinks, relaxing massages (there should be no other kind!), and fun shopping for knock-off designer clothes and accessories. Using our exclusive My Bali Wine, Dine and Spa credit ensures that everyone can enjoy a tipple as they relax by the pool.

Fantastic for families, especially as the Balinese are incredible warm, welcoming and wonderful with children. If being near the main hub of restaurants and bars isn’t the scene you’re after, try escaping to The Westin Nusa Dua, by far the best family friendly resort in Bali. With activities geared to kids of all ages and a special welcome pack at check-in, the younger members of your family will feel as welcomed and included as their parents.

A holiday to Bali can encapsulate everything from cheap shopping and savouring freshly cooked food from a local market or street vendor to surfing famous breaks and snorkelling along a delicate coral reef. The history of Bali is unique when compared to its neighbouring islands within Indonesia, culturally and linguistically identifying more closely with the people of Malaysia and the Philippines than Java and Sumatra. Many of our My Bali holidays include day trips or a private car with driver to allow you the freedom to explore this small yet diverse island.

What can I do during my Bali holidays?
Sand, surf and sun is joined with jungle, rice paddies and temples as “must sees” in Bali. There are places to observe traditional activities, such as visiting a batik factory and learning how to make the traditional fabrics, as well as adventure activities, dance performances, food tours, elephant riding, animal sanctuaries, peaceful meditation and yoga… The list goes on!

Leaving your resort complex is the first step to take – we know it’s difficult, with all the relaxing you’re doing with your exclusive My Bali Wine, Dine and Spa Credit – but trust us, it will be worth it! While some of our My Bali packages include an excursion or private car with driver as part of the inclusions, anything outside of that can still be booked by your My Bali agent.

If you haven’t decided when it comes time to head on your holiday, My Bali includes a discount voucher booklet in your package so you can take advantage of discounted rates on everything from massages to cultural experiences!

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