5 Reasons to Take the Family to Bali

When we think “Bali Holiday”, two images come to mind: blissful health retreats and vibrant nightlife. While both of these things are great, they’re far from a standard “family” holiday.

Bali has a reputation as a kind of adult’s paradise, so what happens when you’ve got the kids in tow? Read on to find out our 5 reasons to take the family to Bali!

  1. Close and affordable

At just under four hours from Australia’s west coast, and around six hours from the east, Bali is quick and easy to get to. Forget long-haul flights with screaming children—getting to this international destination is as simple as travelling around Australia! You’ll really get your value for money here too. The accommodation fantastic and prices are cheap. Now, isn’t that music to your ears!

  1. Something for everyone

There’s so much to see and do in Bali. Dive, surf, shop, hike, eat, drink, or seek ultimate adventure—the choice is yours! Active families will enjoy river rafting, high ropes courses, cycling past rice paddy fields, visiting Kintamani Volcano, and spending a day at Waterbom Bali—the water theme park for kids of all ages! Laid back holidays are also available. Stay at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua to take advantage of the fabulous kid’s club. Relax knowing that your kids are happy and safe, and enjoy a little “you time” mid holiday!

  1. Animal education

Lots of the animal attractions in Bali have been set up with families in mind. Experience Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest, see over 200 species of birds at the Bali Bird Park, or opt for elephants and marine life at the Bali Safari and Marine Park. You’ll also be able to spot turtles, butterflies, reptiles, and more! With so many animals in the wild and in parks, your family will return home with a true appreciation of all things great and small!

  1. Change of scenery

Bali’s landscape is as diverse as the activities there. Treat your family to unique landscapes—from green rice terraces, to tropical rainforests and beaches; soaring volcanoes, to lakes, caves, and waterfalls. You’ll never run out of something beautiful to see, plus you’ll even be able to compare traditional villages with the bustling hubs and tourist spots—so many adventures in just one holiday!

  1. Rich and fascinating culture

The final drawcard for a family holiday in Bali is, of course, the people. Traditional Balinese culture infiltrates much of the daily life there. The people are peaceful and friendly and will always welcome you with a smile. Spirituality and community is extremely important. With over 10,000 temples and religious compounds, plus multiple rituals and ceremonies throughout the year, your family will be able to witness and learn a lot about the Balinese way of life.

So, if you want to take your family somewhere that will be equal parts relaxing and exciting, take them to Bali. Do as little or as much as you like and know that you will always be welcomed. Remember, Bali doesn’t have to be just an adult’s paradise—make it your own today with the help of My Bali!