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Monthly Weather Averages In Bali

Bali Weather

Bali has a warm, tropical climate with temperatures averaging between 20 to 33 degrees Celsius year-round.

The wet season is typically December to March with heavy rainfall (usually at night and for short periods) and high humidity. During the wet season the days are generally sunny, so you can sit by the pool or on the beach and catch some rays.

The dry season is between June and September with low humidity and hardly any rainfall. The average temperature during this time is still 27°C so warm enough to enjoy the beach! Evenings can be cool and there is usually a refreshing breeze during the day. My Bali Holiday WeatherThe central mountains, Ubud and higher regions are typically cooler than the lower coaster areas.

The sea stays warm all year with an average temperature of 27-29°C, so perfect for a holiday in the Australian winter! The peak season for surfing in Bali is the dry season, but there are great waves to be had all year round at different spots. 

When choosing the dates for your My Bali holiday make sure to consider the type of activities you will be doing and the sort of trip you want. Not sure? Call our Bali Travel experts today to get some advice and book your perfect Bali getaway! 

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