Think luxury hotels, spas and an ideal backdrop for your sunset cocktails. Seminyak, where people go to see, and be seen, is also great for surfing, shopping and fine-dining.

Boasting some of the best sunset viewing spots and wondrous beaches in Bali, Seminyak is a resort area on the southern end of Bali. Perfect for a picturesque Bali holiday filled with sun, sand and luxury, Seminyak is filled with resorts, villas, spas, couture shopping and world-class dining. With infamous bars offering a dazzling foray into Bali nightlife, a stay in Seminyak will create lifelong memories. Situated on the sands of the Indian Ocean, Seminyak site just north of Kuta and Legian. Originally it was a separate town, but with investment and tourism Seminyak has become an extended suburb of Kuta, though one that caters to a completely different demographic. While there are bars and clubs in Seminyak, the vibe is more upscale than you’ll find in neighbouring Kuta, with sleek decoration and stunning views. Popular amongst locals, tourists and expats alike, the streets of Seminyak offer something for everyone. Due to Seminyak’s proximity to Kuta, the surfing here attracts international visitors who want to try their hand and catch a wave! Surf schools, board rentals and sport clothing shops abound, so between the seductive cocktails, luxury spa treatments and inexpensive street food visitors can add surfing to their Bali holiday checklist. After a big day in the water, a necessary stop is at Seminyak’s infamous bar/restaurant Ku Dé Ta, which has an international cult following and is consistently voted one of the best party spots in the world! Its beach side resort atmosphere attracts all walks of life who come for a drink or a nibble and to boast about visiting such a trendy locale. Shopping is another favourite pastime in Seminyak, and a great way to escape the summer sun! With boutique clothing stores, souvenir shops and traditional craft centres, it’s possible to pick up a new dress for tonight’s dinner or a few trinkets for friends. A burgeoning art destination, Seminyak is beginning to rival Ubud in the number of unique galleries which showcase both contemporary as well as classic styles of drawing, sculpture, painting, photography and installation pieces. So whether your Bali holiday is all about soaking up the sun, snapping up some bargains, feasting on fresh food or dancing the night away, a visit to Seminyak will not let you down.

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