Sanur Beach

One of Bali’s first beach destinations, Sanur has an idyllic long sandy beach and calm shallow water, perfect for swimming. The relaxed fishing town has history and culture to boot.

Sanur Beach, located on the Bali’s east coast, stretches for over 5km and contains beautiful white sand without the crowds and chaos of other popular Bali destinations like Kuta. Formerly a small fishing village, the town still retains much of its charm and character, as well as fascinating history, and attracts many repeat visitors to its coast. Offshore reefs mean that waves break away from the beach which offers children and those less confident in the water a calm ocean to swim in. There are many museums, cafes and souvenir shops that line the beach interspersed with the resorts taking advantage of the beautiful Bali beach. Modern conveniences converge with the laid-back atmosphere of Sanur Beach, and the town maintains a wealth of local arts and culture, which creates an ideal destination where guests can enjoy classic and contemporary features. History buffs will be interested to know that the northern part of the 5km stretch of Sanur Beach was used as the landing site for the Dutch invasion troops in 1906 during the Dutch intervention in Bali. In World War II, Sanur Beach was again the landing point for Japanese forces who occupied the island of Bali. Sanur has been compared to the beachfront version of the youngest of the Three Bears; it’s not too frantic, like Kuta, or too sleepy, like Nusa Dua, but just right, with a perfect blend of relaxation and activity for families and couples. Reviews are positive about the quality, peace and location of Sanur Beach, and cyclists and beach-walkers alike all rave about the paved path that follows the beach and allows for easy, leisurely strolls. Not only is the scenery lovely, but you are walking on history as this was the first paved Beach Walk in Bali! Food stalls, massages and water activities abound and are inexpensive and accessible to all travellers, as is the opportunity to buy local gifts from those selling their wares. Don’t be surprised either when you see local fishermen repairing their boats along the beach or a cow softly grazing next to a luxury resort, as this is the mix guests find in Sanur Beach. Overall, Sanur Beach is a quiet, laid-back destination for couples or families looking to experience a new haven in Bali. Enjoy the view across the water to Nusa Penida or get underwater to discover one of the best snorkelling spots on the island – and still a hidden gem! Speak to a My Bali consultant today and start packing for the trip of your dreams.

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